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Discover the True Japan on Our New Online Picture Travel Guides!


Discover the True Japan on Our New Online Picture Travel Guides!

What's this Challenge about?

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words, To the World, Beyond Language

We at Gift Japan are going to create an online travel guide platform for Japan, where tourists from across the world can discover a new Japan through images taken and posted by people living in the local areas of the country.

We believe images taken by the “insiders” of their own areas often capture the true view of local traditions and cultures that have been kept undiscovered by the world. This online platform will provide opportunities for travelers to explore Japan and its culture more deeply, which will lead to cultural and economic revitalization local areas of Japan. Our dream is that through this platform the valuable traditions and cultures of this country will be saved and passed down to the future, over many generations.

We would love you to take part in making our dream future happen.

Which Faces of Japan Do You Want to Share with the World?

Support and Join the Exclusive Invitation-Only Launch Party for the Online Travel Guide for Japan!

This project is to empower our beloved country, Japan. We hope you’ll join us and that when the platform launches, we’ll all be able to celebrate together!

The exclusive invitation-only party will include full introduction of the online travel guide platform, sharing the future vision of the project, travel guide and tourism workshops, a question-and-answer session, and more. Everything will be broadcast on Ustream for those of you who live far and can’t participate. It’ll be a great opportunity to meet others who share the passion for Japan and its local cultures as well as the new form of travel guides our platform will offer.

Besides this special party, we’re providing many different rewards for our supporters. We’re thrilled to be here to gather together the power of those who share the love and passion for Japan and its deep-rooted traditions and cultures and deliver the country’s true essence to the big, wide world.

We’re Here to Tell the World, “We Love Japan!”

Why are we doing this? Before starting this Challenge, we kept asking ourselves. The answer was very simple;

We love Japan.

Since 2006, we’ve visited and interviewed people working in local revitalization in many regions in and out of Japan and introduced their stories on our website, which has helped us realize many wonderful things about our country and culture that needed to be shared with the world.

We feel Japanese traditional culture especially is really valuable. The country has such a colorful variety of traditional culture in its many different regions, and we believe pictures are a great way to deliver the essence of these local traditions visually and intuitively.

This online travel guide platform will provide opportunities for more people to learn about and understand our country’s unique culture.

Supporters’ Messages

I’m Hiroshi Nitta, their head supporter. Junichi Saito of Gift Japan and I studied local revitalization in Nihon Genki Juku. Below are some of the reasons why I support Junichi and Gift Japan.

-Simply put, he’s a wonderful person.
-He’s the kind of person you’d love to have in your world.
-He knows what he’s doing, and he will put everything into making it happen.
-He has a big heart full of passion.
-He’s a man of integrity.
-He has great intuition.
-I wholeheartedly believe it’s his mission to revitalize Japan.

I hereby claim my full support for Junichi and his project!

I’m Kagami, co-head supporter of this project.

I’ve been working on urban planning and service creation using local resources. Japan is a country characterized by its amazing nature and spirit of hospitality, which should be shared with the rest of the world. I believe this project will help deliver not only the products of our culture but the spirit that lies beneath.

I’m supporting Gift Japan 1000%!

I’m Kikuchi, supporter coordinator.

As a professional color coordinator, I find the idea of communicating the essence of Japanese local traditions through images fascinating. The country truly is filled with colorful cultures and traditions, and I’d love to collect and deliver them to the world, to preserve our rich culture!

How the Money Will Be Used

As a part of this project, we’ve been working on promotion to attract more tourists to our home prefecture, Miyazaki, through Facebook and by contacting people from other countries who’re interested in Japan and Japanese culture. We’re gradually getting more fans on our page, but, due to the lack of staff members, the progress has been quite slow.

Although we’re all committed to devoting our skills and experience to this project, we’ll still need assistance with areas such as system development and international promotion. That’s why we’re asking for your help here on COUNTDOWN. Please help us launch this platform. Once it launches, we promise we’ll never stop. We’ll continue working on making it better and reaching out to more and more people in the world.

Breakdown of the Expenses

-System Development
-Content Creation
At the launch, we plan on hiring professional writers to create travel guide articles.
-Promotion and Marketing on Facebook
Facebook will be our only means of promotion for the time being. It’s a cost-efficient tool, and yet we’ll need some money to run ads and reach out.
-If we go beyond our funding goal, we’ll use the money for adding features to the systm and additional promotion.

We’re Looking for Writers!

Upon the launch, we’ll be hiring writers to create contents for the platform on the crowd-sourcing site, Lancers.