COUNTDOWN is a unique global crowdfunding platform with the strictly selected challenges., together we create an online restaurant reservation service that users celebrate baby blessings

Services, together we create an online restaurant reservation service that users celebrate baby blessings

What's this Challenge about?

Giving birth with confidence…it depends on our society

More day-care centers!
Longer childcare leave!
More mom-friendly office environments!
More paternity leaves for all dads!

There are various child-care activities or systems in our society.
But…please think about it.
Our society is aging and number of children is decreasing.
Who we can take care if we do not have newborn babies?

Our “Kounotolly Project” aims at establishing a society that supports all of us to have our beloved babies.
And this “”, or one of main activity of the project, is just the first step to go forward… is an epoch-making restaurant-reservation website to offer `opportunity to have a baby` to all couples who are longing for the birth of new life.

We are aiming at proposing them relaxing time to enjoy chatting in sophisticated restaurants available on our site, as their life may be very hectic.

If babies are coming to our users, we will celabrate the new birth of life from bottom of our heart.
Please take a look at this challenging project as our team sincerely would like to address `importance of a baby` to the society.

Child is a gift of our society. We want to reaffirm this reasonable but fading value.

Your baby’s due date, the day you have been waiting for. Inside a delivery room there is a painful and indescribable scream. Then suddenly comes a baby’s first cry. How does the first cry make you feel?

A baby being born is something that makes you happy. It is probably the happiest and the most emotional moment of your life. A baby will grow and one day will leave the nest to join a bigger world.

“Child is a gift of our society”

This is a great sense of value that has been around for a long time.
Children should be celebrated not only by their families but also by a whole society because children bring light and hope to a society.

This sense of value is fading in a current society. Due to declining birth rates, increase of nuclear families, population aging.... we are living in an era where everyone is too busy looking after his or her own family. The environment surrounding children is starting to deteriorate and a number of adult looking after children is decreasing.

In our “” project, we believe the value of “Child is a gift of our society” must not be lost and we want to take actions against this social issue by utilizing IT and doing the things we can do in our current lives.

A Society “” project Wants to Realize

We will act on “Child is a gift of our society” utilizing IT, but because just information sharing and interacting with each other is too simple a method, we are creating an “ecosystem” where we invite more people who agree with “” project’s vision and have them participate and cooperate in the project. Together we will work towards a goal of realizing a society full of the sense of value of “Child is a gift of our society” and carry that on to generations to come.

First STORY, We Celebrate Birth Together!

In “” project, we call each small project “STORY”.
Currently we are preparing a STORY 1.

In STORY 1, we focus on a topic of parenting isolation.
In the era of nuclear families, many mothers are bewildered after babies are born and so are the fathers. They try to talk to each other to find a solution but it is difficult. Many of them end up in a situation where raising a child becomes an isolation. We have seen so many families caught in such situation. will tackle such issue by creating STORY 1 with a theme of “celebrating baby blessings together”. In the course of establishing an ecosystem, this STORY will focus on “baby blessings” which is a start point of the project.

Agenda: Parenting isolation in the era of nuclear families.

Expected STORY to launch: Celebrating baby blessings together.

We will explain more in details about how this project works. Firstly, we will ask our partner restaurants to cooperate. Secondly, we will build a system that enables users to reserve our partner restaurants. We will accumulate part of introduction fee, which our operation team receives, from our partner restaurants at the timing of reservation. Finally, we will build a function that returns part of the accumulated fund to users who are blessed with babies and at the same time enables us to celebrate it together.

One example of this restaurant reservation website creation maybe tying up with children-focused business entities from whom we will receive funding. Based on such fund, we may purchase products of supporting companies (such as diaper, formula milk, etc.) with discounted price to present to couples that were blessed with a baby.

In STORY 1, we hope to encourage parents that they are not alone, we are here to support by celebrating a baby born together and making it really happen.

Our list of partner restaurant is gradually expanding and we introduce them on our Facebook page. Please click LIKE button if you visit.

On Restaurant page, we created a page called Chef Story to get thoughts of chef, who agrees with us and provides splendid time and place for the project, across to our users .
Please refer to the following example.

Images shown below are other design ideas for STORY 1 restaurant reservation website.

Our project has been highly evaluated and selected to be a project of “Supporting Small Enterprise Revitalization 2013“ sponsored by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency who is an external agency of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Expand to Asia and the world after 2015!

We are aiming at expanding our business to Asian countries while will introduce restaurants mainly in Tokyo area at first.

Declining birth rates has been a common issue in all developed countries including Japan, and therefore we set developed countries in Asia as our next target.

Please look forward to see in the world to resolve World’s common issue of this era. We start from Japan and fly to the world!

Introducing Our Operation Team

Our operation team is comprised of 90% women including women raising children. We hope to establish and permeate a work style that is unique to mothers. Through this service operated by mothers, we work towards creating a new work style.

Breakdown of the target amount

Please refer to the list below to show how we spend supporting fee from you all.

・Promotion (prior to the site opening)・・・※For making brochures, hosting events and other expenses regarding its promotion

・Website development ・・・※For development (from the time we acquire your supporting fee) and site maintenance

・Sales aid ・・・※For research and store visit to introduce new restaurants for

Asking for your cooperation, to make more families smile

Fund we collect through this COUNTDOWN website with your support will be allocated to creating afore mentioned “STORY 1” that allows the participants to celebrate baby blessings together and to promoting the project after its launch in early summer of 2014.

We will present to our supporters coupons that are worth more than the funded amount and can be used after the project launch. We hope the coupons will be used at our partner restaurants to be the initial participants in this project of celebrating a baby blessing.

After the project launch, we plan to unfold more STORIES actively to realize our ecosystem. We will select STORIES and ask our users to vote not only to promote the user participation but also to elevate the site to be a user interactive service.

By re-acknowledging the value of “Child is a gift of our society”, together we hope to create a society full of children’s smile. We ask for your support and cooperation in this project.

Izumi Iwasaki

FM Navigator / Representative of F.PRIMAVERA. Playing an active role in local community FM broadcasting (Central FM 84.0Mhz) as a producer / navigator.

As I remind of myself as one of mothers (my son is now in UK for study), just realized that I have learned various things through raising him, and many people have helped me go forward. I always think that “Child is a gift of our society”. Society should raise our children. We have lacked intergenerational communication nowadays, but both ancestor’s wisdom and fresh ideas from the young, this combination will enable the total society to raise them. Children can be important bridges between these two generations. This project is aiming at realizing the “Child is a gift of our society” vision using power of Information Technology. I would like to support it as a part of this society.

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